True Alarm Logo 2True Alarm is an intelligent verification alarm system that uses AI (Artificial Intelligent) software developed by Google Brain to accurately identify humans on a live security video stream eliminating false alarms and giving you peace of mind.


How it works

True Alarm fuses reputable CCTV technology with leading-edge AI software to create the ultimate solution for false alarms.

  • The True Alarm camera system consists of four high definition 720p cameras. These cameras continuously capture and store photos of your property.
  • A smart neural processor works through the information to detect which movements are human.
  • You will receive a notification as soon the system detects a human. You will receive a “smoking gun” image of the incident sent to the device of your choice. The System is so diverse that you can send a notification to more than one person. So even your armed response company will receive a notification.
  • This tailor-made system can respond differently to each scenario. Depending on the nature of the alarm and how you would like it to respond. As an example: When a human is detected, the system is able to create a stir by switching on some lights around the house, or soundtrack is played (e.g. a dog barking).
  • The alarm system is user-friendly and you control it via your mobile device. You deactivated or reactivated through the use of a message you send to the system.



About the software and cameras

True Alarm makes use of the latest deep-learning AI software developed by Google. This ground-breaking technology enables the alarm system to accurately distinguish humans from non-human entities. Like any other software, you need to update regularly to improve the system’s efficiency. The True Alarm system software is updated remotely by our team; thus no need for a physical callout.

Our installation specialist is registered at the South African Intruder Detection Association. Our leading-edge surveillance kit not only consists of four analog high definitions 1.3MP digital cameras (which support remote mobile viewing by means of an internet connection) but also a digital video recorder device. Furthermore, you will get a one year warranty from the date of installation should you find the product defective in any way. As well as a maintenance plan that is an optional extra.


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