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With over 50 years of experience and 2000+ clients in 12 industries, you can rest assured that your business is secure online with Virtual Group. Having your ICT solutions in one place, and working with one team is the best you can give to your business. Whether you manage email systems, networks, learning environments or student administration systems.



Virtual Group offers the following solutions:

Microsoft 365

Empower your work team through collaboration and team efficiency. Also with improved document security and user experience over cross-device collaboration to ensure that your business can grow. Seamless Microsoft Office Applications, across devices, across teams 365/24/7. You only pay for the licence you use.


365 Backup

Protect your Microsoft 365 data with cloud-native backup and recovery, specially built from Virtual Group. The Virtual Group is one of only a few organisations in South Africa to have two data sites. Thus, your data is secure.


Internet Security

The internet makes up a huge part of our lives today. Thus it is very important to keep your family and business protected from unwanted threats. Virtual VBend empowers you to block or allow content or updates, at different levels of security, per device.




Not only is The Virtual Group team highly qualified and highly specialised but they have years of experience. The virus experts who take care of Virtual AntiVirus client problems are specialists in their field and able to find virus solutions that most in house IT teams may not be able to.



Faxing Service

Yes, you read it. Businesses are maintaining some kind of fax capabilities, mostly online. Virtual Fax to Email is 3 times cheaper than other fax to email solutions.



Hosting & Email

Virtual Email Hosting not only reduces IT capital and overhead costs but provides an unprecedented level of email hosting, IT skills, systems, security and functionality to your business. Professional communication is vital for all brand presentations. Virtual Email Hosting gives clients the opportunity to have professionally designed signatures and Stationery.



Mailguard 365

94% of malware is delivered via email, thus it is of utmost importance to protect your business from such phishing attacks. Virtual MailGuard 365 is constantly improving the defences to keep your emails safe. Furthermore, Virtual MailGuard 365 provides clients with sophisticated reporting enabling your IT team to effectively manage threats.



IT Services

Like all of us, IT requirements are also very unique to each business. Virtual Group offers solutions best suited to your business with professionally managed IT services. Virtual IT Services has a main goal, and that is to be invisible to your work team. IT maintenance is thus done in times when your team is less productive.



Virtual SMS

Virtual SMS enables you to personalise each SMS sent to your current or potential customers as well as for them to reply to your messages.



VWatch Tower

Utilising solar power and IOT frequency makes VWatch Tower invisible to thieves, giving you the element of surprise.



VWatch Senior

VWatch Senior is driven by your elderly loved one’s behaviour. This app linked, routine-based, and non-intrusive motion sensor picks up unusual motion behaviours. Either the lack of motion when there should be movement or movement in zones at certain times when there shouldn’t be any movements.



Virtual Trak

Virtual Trak collects activity data, giving you the power of making vital decisions when it comes to team productivity and future planning.

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