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Margie Candy is a Shiatsu practitioner based in Danabaai. She has done various courses such as the Dorn Method, Quantum Touch and Conscious Channeling. Together with her knowledge of Traditional Chinese Medicine, love for crystals and essential oils, she offers clients a holistic approach to natural remedies.


Traditional Chinese Medicine is a complex subject and quite alien to western traditional thinking. The aim of any treatment is to create a balanced body.  Illness occurs when your body and immune system are out of balance.

Shiatsu is a Japanese word meaning “finger pressure”, thus acupressure. It is the practice of using finger pressure on specific points; also known as massage.  Additionally, a Shiatsu therapist will also do breath work and incorporate stretching into a treatment.

People who love crystals know that the stones have a certain energy that they resonate with. Margie creates her own pendants which can make wonderful gifts to someone who loves crystals. 


Shiatsu Gems Services:



Shiatsu Massage is a treatment focused on pressure points on the body. Thus, you can enjoy any type of massage without taking off any garment.


Wellness Packs

Margie offers a variety of packs which are specifically put together to target some problem areas you might have. Included in the boxes are an essential oil blend, crystals, and information cards.  The cards describe the location of acupressure points, how and why to work them, as well as information on the oils and crystals. It also touches on emotions that can impact the condition. The essential oil blends are of the highest quality and the crystals are specific for each condition.

DISCLAIMER: The information provided in the packs is intended as a guide to self-help and should never replace proper medical care or advice.  Please consult a medical professional or healthcare provider if you are seeking medical advice, diagnoses, or treatment.


Available boxes:

  • Weight Loss Motivation Pack
  • Sinus Headache pack – with doTerra blend  or Chinese White Flower Blend
  • The Insomnia Pack
  • The Menopause Pack – with Midnight blend or with Uplifting blend
  • The Neck & Shoulder Pack – with Deep Blue blend or with Chinese white flower blend
  • The Stress Relief Pack


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