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SAACA – Southern Africa Animal Cancer Association

SAACA is very excited to have taken hands with the faculty of Veterinary Science at the University of Pretoria and Onderstepoort. Resulting in conducting research on animals with cancer. Therefore they are the first organization in Africa, to assist in this nature.

This Non-Profit organization is established from the ‘need’ of so many animals living with cancer. As the 4th in the world, they will fill the gap for the animals with cancer in Southern Africa. Cancer is accepted as a human illness, also known as the big ‘C’ that everybody dreads. But little do people know that animals are also diagnosed with cancer. Similarly to humans, animals can also die, especially if not treated. In one study, 45% of the dogs that reached 10 years of age or older, died of cancer. This can be a great loss to a family. Equally the same as losing your best friend and especially seeing your friend deteriorating every day…..


Thriving to be the one-stop NPC in Southern Africa, with all information on animals with cancer.


SAACA would like to fund research on these projects.  Hence providing education and information through ongoing help and support.


They want to be able to fight for the health of the animals who cannot speak for themselves.


To achieve this, the faculty of Veterinary Science plans to employ more staff. Enabling the faculty to accommodate more patients with cancer and allowing for increased research into cancer diagnosis and treatment.


The goal of this collaboration is to increase the faculty’s capacity to treat cancer in animals. Resulting in an increase in research in this field. To sum up, an earlier diagnosis of cancer can be detected. Finally, a wider spectrum of effective treatment options can be delivered.


Your membership will make a difference in the life of an animal…….every paw matters.


Membership Options: Annual or Lifelong memberships are available.


Call Munnik Marais, Chief Operation Officer, to discuss options on 083 268 8701

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