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Overcome the fear.

Jason Down together with his team, developed an Advanced Online Service to bring the tools of recovery to those who seek help. Yes!  An online, remote solution, which worked for Jason and countless others, since 2018. Recovery Designed not only have a passion to support, but also to educate and assist all who struggle with addiction. These carefully developed programs will build/re-build anyone’s inner warrior.

Not only does the Recovery Design stands as a servant for the Kingdom of God, but also strives to save souls out of the depths of addiction.


Various On-line Programs:

  • Corporate Emotional Intelligence: Mental health awareness and staff support programs for HR departments
  • Drugs: With various symptoms, this addiction is misdiagnosed as Bipolar Disorder.
  • Alcoholism: This starts off as sociable drinking which progresses to uncontrolled binge drinking.
  • Porn: Pornography has a profound effect and impact on numerous relationships as well as families, daily.
  • Toxic Relationship: Commonly comes with emotional, mental, verbal, physical or sexual abuse.
  • Anxiety: Individuals always look for the worst-case scenario, panic, fear, and worry.
  • Depression: This is commonly misunderstood as feeling sad. Also by far the most extreme and dangerous addiction, as this mental illness is the hardest based on the lack of desire to talk about it.


Recovery Designed Team:


Jason Down (Managing Director)

Jason is a Certified Substance Abuse Counsellor and CBT (Cognitive Behaviour Therapy) therapist who is blessed with the gift of recovery. Furthermore, he is continuously and enthusiastically spreading the message of hope and understanding as well as educating the youth about this endless battle.

Recovery is not a journey to take alone. Therefore Jason selected a team of passionate professionals to work alongside him:



Shane Meyer (Program Manager & Head Counsellor)

He is a specialist in the following services:

  • Addiction Counselling
  • Facebook Mastery and Digital Marketing
  • Applied Psychology Diploma,
  • BappSocSci Degree
  • and a Certificate in People Management.
Shane has a powerful and dynamic style to empower his clients on their recovery journey. He devotes his time to his own personal development since his victory over addiction. Therefore, making him the best candidate to best serve those who battle addiction and mental health issues.



Jean Loots (Country Manager)

Jean is studying Addiction Counselling in order to further his personal development and life plan. He is passionate about helping addicts to find recovery and the gifts that come along with it.

After 15-years, Jean now finds himself a grateful recovering addict. Specializing in interventions and accountability systems.


Our Address:

19 Jakaranda Street, Hartenbos


-34.118781803249, 22.099095669722

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