QH Taekwondo


The purpose of any martial arts program is to preserve its philosophy, techniques, and traditions. Quintin Harman is focused to do exactly that through his training in Taekwondo. The aim is to develop a scientific understanding of the physical and spiritual implications of human performance.



Through disciplined and dedicated training, Taekwondo improves both the body and the mind, placing great emphasis on the development of personal character. Increased strength and skill must always be accompanied by greater self-control, self-discipline, humility, and tolerance.



Students will have a safe environment to learn the skills that are not only effective but also fun to learn. With constant encouragement and challenges, you will achieve higher levels of personal achievement. Not only will you learn to manage your mental and emotional state. But also improve your physical state beyond what you perceive as “possible”.


Taekwondo is a great way to practice self-regulation, and the greatest benefit of all – make life-long friends.
Also interesting, Taekwondo is an Olympic Sport. Teaches you Self Defense and Unarmed Combat. Furthermore, an excellent program to follow for Body Sculpting, Strength, and Fitness Conditioning. Follow him on Facebook.

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