#ProjectSchools is a Non-Profit-Company, that places full-time youth workers in schools. Working in collaboration with schools to provide hands-on support when it comes to the Spiritual and Emotional well-being of the students. When necessary, these youth workers will connect students with the support structure they need.


In 2014 a few people, who are passionate about our youth, saw a necessity for a support structure and took it upon themselves to be the change they want to see. The main focus of #Projectschools is to help teens with their problems on ground-level, before the dire consequences.

#Projectschools supports scholars through what they call “Couchelling”. This is when one peer (the youth worker) supports and advises another (the scholar). These youth workers are either Theological, Social Study, Psychology or Teaching Students, handpicked by the directors of #ProjectSchools. Additionally, they are fully trained and supported to observe, guide and aid scholars to work through their problems.


Help #ProjectSchools to make a difference

#Projectschool Youth Workers receive a monthly salary for their work at the Schools. Not to burden our local schools with the salaries #ProjectSchools needs your assistance funding these salaries. The board of directors do not receive any income from #Projectschools – they volunteer their time and effort to the dream of #Projectschools.

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