Mind Moves with Celeste Jooste

“Moves that mend the mind”

Mind Moves offers basic movements that mimic intrauterine and primitive reflexes. Therefore developing specific neurological circuits in the brain and body. Evidently, when the brain is ready, learning becomes easy!

This program is developed by Dr. Melodie De Jager. Specifically to mimic selected primitive reflexes and postural reactions.  These specialized moves are applied by Advanced Mind Moves Instructors. Celeste Jacobs is an Advanced Mind Moves instructor based in Mosselbay. Hence operating in a controlled and coordinated manner. Over a period of time, it has been found to develop the neural pathways, which are needed for primitive reflexes to inhibit.  Once these reflexes have gone to rest, the more advanced postural reactions take over. Finally, postural development and learning-ease develop.


“With the scientifically-developed Mind Moves®,  there’s no reason to watch helplessly when kids struggle to grasp at the same rate as others.”


It’s time parents learned more about Mind Moves – a proven system for finding the cause of learning problems! Mind Moves are simple movements that transform REFLEXIVE movement into CONTROLLED and SKILLFUL movements. Consequently using the minimum amount of attention to the physical completion of a task.  The maximum amount of attention is available for thinking and creating e.g. less attention on posture and pencil grip. This results in more attention given to what is being written. (the real task).



Mind Moves® offers effective solutions to the following learning barriers:

  • ADHD: inhibiting the necessary reflexes.
  • Hyperactivity: moving a lot, (but in a constructive way) to satisfy the brain’s need to move. Therefore developing sensory-motor structures.
  • Sensory stimulation and integration barriers: developing the sensory-motor system.
  • Learning style barriers: developing the non-dominant parts of the brain and body in order to learn from a whole-brain perspective.
  • Language barriers: preparing the ear and the speech apparatus for learning different languages. Thereby building the necessary “thinking language”.
  • Emotional barriers: building confidence and a positive sense of self by enhancing the learners’ abilities. Contributing to the learner’s potential for success.


Spending just two minutes prior to a lesson prepares the learners’ brains and reduces the teaching time!



Mind Moves® services in Mosselbay


Mind Moves Reflex Assessment

What is primitive reflex retention? Primitive reflexes wire the child’s nervous system between conception and the first 6 months after birth. After that, children become dormant so the learning brain can take over. In some children, due to trauma, injury, or early complications, primitive reflexes may remain active. Whereas restricting the ability to complete functions. This can hamper the smart kid’s cognitive development and diminish confidence. On the contrary, leaving them feeling anxious and confused.


Mind Dynamix® Profiling

Discover a child’s genius zone! Even poor learners can’t resist the magic of Mind Dynamix® to reveal their hidden strengths. Mind Dynamix is a cognitive profiling technology that depends on the body’s unconscious reflexes. Hence mistakes are not made. Tests are non-intrusive, fun, and physical. It definitely keeps the child actively involved. What makes a child tick? Understand dominant learning strengths. Find out what holds them back in school? Learn how to assist in raising academic achievers. Also developing into capable learners and improving marks.


School Readiness Assessment

Whether at home or at pre-school, a child learns the skills through play which prepares them for big school. Interaction with others is just as important. But have they learned enough? Find out for sure with a School Readiness Assessment session. Mind Moves will equip kids to excel from their very first day!


Study Fitness

This is a complete Mind DynamixTM learning profile, highlighting the child’s learning strengths and weaknesses. Included with Instructions on Mind MovesTM brain-training exercises which are based on the learner’s Mind Dynamix profile. These exercises consist of 9 sessions lasting 2 hours. The learner will truly benefit from these 18 hours in total.


  • Knowing and strengthening children’s preferred learning style. Resulting in effective studying.
  • Embracing alternative learning styles. Contributes to children’s intellectual development.
  • Mastering the learner’s strengths leads to tasting success and this builds self-confidence.

“Yes, every parent can make a difference!”

Core Workshops:

Mind Moves offers various workshops in the Neuroscience- of Learning, Development, Behaviour, Uniqueness and Neurodevelopment Delays.

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