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Fransie Nortje

Fransie Nortje is a dynamic resident property specialist for Meridian Realty. They are a dynamic, forward-thinking real estate company specializing in the marketing of properties within South Africa. Her areas are within Hartenbos and Mosselbay, Western Cape.
Her path with Meridian Realty started with a wish to go with a modern developing strategy and to grow towards a modernized world. Also to be in immediate contact with her customers and to keep them updated as the industry makes its changes. Fransie Nortje’s love for being a property practitioner started because she loves property, staging, and people.
In her spare time and interactions with the community, she loves her walks along the seashore and enjoys the numerous coffee shops in the Western Cape. But most of all is her love for working with people who also have a passion for property.
Fransie’s hobbies are sewing, gardening, and cooking, and loves reading. Her grandkids are also close to her heart!
She prides herself in staying on top of her game by innovating and constantly adapting to the market.  Ensuring buyers can still view properties in the best and most professional way possible. Also assisting with a thorough Property valuation.

Meridian Realty Property Valuation:

Wondering what your property would sell for or are just curious about what it’s worth? With Fransie’s expert knowledge and expertise, she can assist you in an obligation-free property valuation.
Property could be worth much more than owners think! Also knowing what your property is worth is valuable information for you as a property owner. As a property professional, she offers expert guidance and valuable assistance to help you understand exactly what’s involved.  Therefore assisting in determining your property’s market value.
Fransie’s MOTTO in life is “Anything the mind of man can conceive and believe, man, can achieve.” – Napoleon Hill


 Property value estimate breakdown:

  • Your property’s location
  • The current market trends in your suburb
  • How many properties recently sold in your area
  • Potential areas of improvement and so much more.
Get started with an obligation FREE Property value estimation today.

Contact Fransie Nortje – at for any further information.




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