Marlin Industries Mossel Bay

Marlin Industries is a family-owned company based in Mossel Bay, Garden Route. Marius and Linda Becker are 2 entrepreneurs who want more in life than just the ordinary. Providing services in not only designer lights but also in Fuel additives such as Fuel Doctor and Khubenker’s Biobor.


Marlin Lights

What started out as a one-time light feature turned into a hobby and then into an almost full-time decorator’s dream. Custom handcrafted, rustic-feel industrial lights to give your home that vintage touch. These lights are suitable for interior use and outside.

Additionally, Marlin lights also make bathroom accessories such as rustic towel railings, toilet roll holders, and so much more.

If you have an idea of what you want, Marius will make it happen.


Khubenker’s Biobor Fuel Additive

Marlin Industries is the proud distributor of Khubenker Energy’s Biobor Fuel Additive. Khubenker Energy is a privately owned South African Company. Striving to meet the expectations of clients through innovative technological solutions to serve the needs of clients.

Dirty fuel equals higher maintenance costs. Microbial growth and biomass are the leading causes of all engine and fuel systems. The best way to kill microbial growth is to treat the fuel with a quality additive. Firstly administer a “shock dosage” to kill the existing growth, following up with regular “maintenance dosages” to prevent future growth. Thus protecting the fuel system, extending the life of your equipment, and reducing liability.


Fuel Doctors

Fuel doctors is a Fuel System Cleaner, Conditioner, and Stabiliser. Initially formulated in 1994 to assist cleaning of inaccessible underground fuel storage tanks. Fuel Doctors is a blend of oxygenated solvents and emulsifiers. Formulated to disperse and protect against the accumulation of airborne fungal growths and sulfate. Thus reducing bacteria in all hydrocarbon fuels and storage systems.

Specializing for over twenty years in the cleaning and preventative maintenance associated with underground and aboveground downstream fuel storage systems. Initially, emergency power generation and oxidized fuel constituted the scope of the company. Until entering the service station and truck stop industry in 1992. Underground, emergency power generator fuel tanks have a man way access for cleaning, service stations, truck stops, however, marinas do not.

Thus Fuel Doctors had to develop a new system of cleaning, leading to the in-house formulation of Fuel Doctor’s fuel conditioner/tank cleaner. This tool of the trade, in conjunction with filtration and centrifuges, cleans inaccessible fuel tanks. Unique in the industry, Fuel Doctors are competent in both chemical and mechanical engineering, crafting their skills from day to day hands-on observation and application.


Benefits of using Fuel Doctors

  • Extend the lifetime of fuel pumps & injectors
  • Optimize combustion & increase power
  • Cleanse, lubricate, protect pumps & injectors
  • Maintain fuel quality
  • Cleanse & prevent gums, varnish, and asphaltene build-up
  • Disperse moisture & microbial materials
  • Cleanse and decarbonize fuel systems
  • Eliminate injector-valve face carbon and particle build-up
  • Minimize EGR soot deposit

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