In today’s fast passed lifestyle it is easy to lose balance and focus. Whether it is in your personal life or in your business. Getting back into the rhythmic balance is not so easy without professional help and assistance. Madelaine van Wyk is just the professional you need to get the balance back into your life and business. The experience that she built up since 1984 will testify to the knowledge of what she offers. Rebalancing will also restore your spirit, body, and soul.


Madelaine is also a lady with many talents and offers a wide variety of services:


Life Coaching

When you know that you are stuck in life, and realize that you need help. Madelaine will help you to get focus and determination back into your daily routine. She is available for One-to-one meetings, group sessions, or even digital communication when you are constantly on the move. You are also welcome to contact her for the weekly motivational emails she sends out to thousands of followers.


Inspirational speaking

Everyone in life sometimes needs some inspiration. Madelaine is an experienced inspirational speaker for any type of event.
She also assists anyone who understands the importance of getting your personal life and business in line with the spiritual realm.



Meditation in itself is a form of art. Anyone can try to meditate, but it is of utmost importance to do it right. Madelaine leads you through your meditation from start to end. Guiding your thoughts and breathing. You can also align and balance your energy points through correct guided meditation.



For generations-long it is said that the moon has a direct impact on human behavior and activities. Our internal biological rhythms are linked to the cycles of the moon and so is our overall emotional and spiritual being.
You can now learn how to work with the cycles of the moon. Knowing what is happening and how you can regulate your emotions and behavior through:

  • Journaling,
  • Yoga, and
  • Meditation

These Yoga classes are Free, but you are welcome to leave an offering to help cover charges for the venues. If you only want to try it out you are welcome to join in. There will be Yoga mats to hire, so no need to buy one immediately. Please book in advance.

Madelaine also has the following items up for sale:

Each is sold individually or as a Combo. Contact for prices as well as color options.


Professional Network Marketer

With today’s economy, we all need additional income streams to cover all the expenses we have. Madelaine can show you a business model that is working for her.


Our Address:

Mossel Bay / Great Brak River


-34.175071155117, 22.098982045117



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