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Conscious Movement is about learning to move consciously. It’s about consciously allowing the space you need to heal physically, emotionally, and energetically. It’s about being consciously aware of your thoughts. Because Thoughts and Perceptions create your reality. Furthermore, it’s about restoring balance in a world of chaos and embracing change without fear. With Space and Balance, anything is possible. Rochelle Skead uses a wide variety of different Conscious Movement methods to help your body in healing itself.


“Change happens through movement and movement heals”  –  Joseph Pilates


LIFE COACHING as Conscious Movement

Rochelle Skead has spent hours coaching people in dance, Pilates, and karate. Through all the classes she recognized the need for “Life Coaching”. This led to further study where she found that self-study is very important. Many of our issues are not about other people, boundaries, or bad luck. Our issues stem from how we do our own lives. We continually seek approval from the outside world instead of taking responsibility for ourselves. Today, we are more “connected” than ever before with all the social media available but somehow we are less supported. A “Life Coach” in this sense will be the support you need. “The person” not only holds us accountable, but challenges us to be better, to do more, and to embrace change. As a Life Coach, Rochelle focuses on Teenagers – coaching them to embrace life as a human. As well as their parents – how to survive your teenager. Please contact Rochelle for more information regarding group sessions or individual sessions.


“No one is fixed until they make the effort to change”  –  Bruce H. Lipton



PILATES as Conscious Movement

When Pilates is used as a meditative movement, you turn your attention inwards. Not only concentrating on muscles and bones, but also stability, and mobility. What to hold and what to move. Striving to ease movement and precision, fluidity, and breath. Allowing energy to flow, relieves pain, as pain is always an over-energy.
Through Pilates, you restore balance to the entire energetic body. Feeling balanced physically will shift you to feel more balanced emotionally. In fact, our mind, body, and spirit are intertwined. So, when you balance any of the three aspects it affects the others automatically.

Pilates is a maintenance system for your body. Each person follows their own unique repertoire, doing what is best for their unique challenges. The exercises are gentle, though progression will challenge those students who are more advanced in their practice. Allow yourself the time and space to condition your body.
Zoom classes are available. Contact Rochelle for an appointment.



“You will feel better in ten sessions, look better in twenty sessions, and have a completely new body in thirty sessions.”  –  Joseph Pilates



PSYCH-K® as Conscious Movement

PSYCH-K® is a set of principles and processes designed to change subconscious beliefs. Our lives consist of a series of events that we label as good or bad. It depends on our perception of the event. PSYCH-K® balance helps us to change our perception of events so we no longer react to them. Reactions may manifest as a racing heart, sweaty hands, heat rising to our ears, tightness in the chest or throat for example. Once we change the perception, new empowering beliefs can replace the old ones. Thus, you can create a life you love.




Specialized Kinesiology is an alternative healing modality. It uses a wide variety of techniques to enhance health and vitality. We are so caught up in our modern world, with modern medicine, that we forget there are other ways to health.
As a Kinesiologist, Rochelle uses muscle testing as a biofeedback system to set-up communication with your body. It is similar to a system analyst. Using muscle testing, Rochelle finds exactly what information your body needs in order to heal itself.
In Fact, this is non-invasive and gentle with no side effects associated with pharmaceuticals.

Furthermore, Rochelle also uses the Neural Organization Techniques (N.O.T). This is the work of the late Dr. Carl Ferreri. Combining aspects of Applied Kinesiology, Sacro Occipital work, and Oriental medicine. N.O.T aims to get your neurological pathways functioning optimally.
It is incredible to think that it takes less than a second to trigger the stress response. Also known as our survival mechanism – the fight/flight response. You will get insight into the word “Stress” by understanding what our bodies endure during this response. In reality, we are living in survival mode. We struggle with suboptimal digestive systems, immune systems which is barely functioning, and a brain that fights to see new opportunities and solutions. In summary, many of our physical symptoms we are suffering from are in fact by-products of stress.
Through N.O.T., your body is “reset” to normal body functions.



MASSAGE as Conscious Movement

    This deep tissue massage is very slow. The aim is to provide a relaxing pain-free experience but also relieving pain at the same time. Each treatment focuses on the chosen area for 60 min. Choose from Head, Neck, and Face; Back and Neck; Lower Back and Hips; or Hips and Legs.
    Named after its founder, Rudolf Breuss, an old Austrian healer. This massage is usually used in conjunction with the Dorn Technique.
    This gentle, energetic massage is applied down the full length of the spine. This massage stretch, energize, and soothes the spine much like a full night’s rest would do. This is a 30 min treatment that includes a neurovascular balance, leaving you relaxed and centered. Also safe and gentle enough for those suffering from osteoporosis and pain.
    Please note: St John’s Wort oil is used for this massage.



INTEGRATED HEALING as Conscious Movement

Integrated Healing is a revolutionary healing system. Combining the best of modern Psychology, Life Coaching, Physiology, Applied Kinesiology, and many more other modalities. It focuses on the issues that many healing modalities struggle with such as Self-Sabotage Programmes, Survival Programs, and the list goes on. Furthermore, it works with your whole being, not just a piece of you. It integrates many different modalities in one simple and elegant process. You get to choose to heal, to take responsibility for your own healing process, and to be an active part of the process.


“Healing may not be so much about getting better, as about letting go of everything that isn’t you – all of the expectations, all of the beliefs – and becoming who you are.”  –  Rachel Naomi Remen





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Rosalyn van Zyl April 11, 2022 11:13 am

I highly recommend Rochelle to anyone struggling with any type of pain.

I had a cramp in my foot, so much so that it was a mission to lift it off the ground. I can’t explain what Rochelle did, but within 5 min the cramp was gone and emotionally I am stronger to face what caused the cramp. It all came down to a frustration I had to work through.