Infogold DesignA fact in life is that when you want to grow a business you have to grow your revenue. Thus, you have to convince customers to put their money in your pocket. Infogold Design understands that this is not easy. It takes savvy digital marketing that consistently puts your business in front of potential customers.


Infogold Design is a web design and internet marketing company doing work all over South Africa. From the design of top websites, wiki pages, and social media pages. Furthermore, understanding the importance of the internet in today’s busy society – where information must be delivered quickly and seamlessly – and how to deliver that information to the end-user.


Infogold Design Services:

  • Facebook Marketing
    Facebook is without a doubt the social media platform that remains a treasure house for businesses and brands. While most users stay in touch with friends and family, others use Facebook to advertise and promote products and services. There is a way to use this platform for targeted marketing.
  • Messenger marketing
    The use of messenger has increased rapidly as the need for communication has risen for people worldwide. As it is more personal and much more interactive. Also, users can be retargeted and sent promotional messages in the future.
  • Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn
    These are also Social Media Platforms. By advertising on these platforms, you find new potential clients by using their own shared information to identify interest. Thus targeting them before they search for you.
  • Webdesign through WordPress and Shopify
    A website is as important to any business as a contact number to reach you. It also creates credibility for your business. The more professional your website is, the more advantages you can gain. A website with an online shop can provide a dramatic boost in sales.
  • Google AdWords
    This is Google’s online advertising program, allowing you to create online ads to reach audiences that are interested in the products and services you offer. Google is the largest search engine on the Internet, thus Google AdWords ensuring you receive the traffic you target for.
  • Professional Explainer Videos
    Research shows that 74% of customers that watched a product explainer video ended up buying it. The growing popularity of explainer videos stems from needing to showcase a product simply and effectively. Infogold has 3 different video options: 2D Animation Explainer Videos, Whiteboard Explainer Videos, and Kinetic Explainer Videos.
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