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Green Door Home Loans is located in the Garden Route. Bond originators/home loan facilitator negotiate a rate with several banks, including your own, fulfilling an outsourcing role.

Our service is FREE of charge as we get paid by the bank after a successful application.

Although some banks may offer pre-approved or regular home bonds directly, a bond originator generally is a good idea, as they have relationships with multiple banks, and can therefore negotiate a more competitive bond rate.

In addition, our Green Door application form and other required documents are approved by all banks as per their requirements to apply for a bond.

The implication hereof is that you as a property finance client complete only one set of application forms-our consultants assisting when an where required. We are able to submit to all banks just about simultaneously and bear in mind the timelines relevant to your most recent acquisition or finance requirement.

Bond originators can provide you with fairly firm estimates in terms of affordability and the loan amounts prospective property buyers could be eligible for. All bond interest rate quotes are, however subject to standard bond affordability calculations, credit as well as regulatory considerations.

Your local property finance specialist is Retha Nel.

At Green Door, we always negotiate the best deal for you!

We’ll ensure that you get the best possible rates, in the shortest possible time at no cost to you but – in achieving the best interest rate you’ll save thousands.

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Green Door Home Loans

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