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Fuel doctors is a Fuel System Cleaner, Conditioner, and Stabiliser. Initially formulated in 1994 to assist cleaning of inaccessible underground fuel storage tanks. Fuel Doctors is a blend of oxygenated solvents and emulsifiers. Formulated to disperse and protect against the accumulation of airborne fungal growths and sulfate. Thus reducing bacteria in all hydrocarbon fuels and storage systems.

Specializing for over twenty years in the cleaning and preventative maintenance associated with underground and aboveground downstream fuel storage systems. Initially, emergency power generation and oxidized fuel constituted the scope of the company. Until entering the service station and truck stop industry in 1992. Underground, emergency power generator fuel tanks have a man way access for cleaning, service stations, truck stops, however, marinas do not.

Thus Fuel Doctors had to develop a new system of cleaning, leading to the in-house formulation of Fuel Doctor’s fuel conditioner/tank cleaner. This tool of the trade, in conjunction with filtration and centrifuges, to clean inaccessible fuel tanks. Unique in the industry, Fuel Doctors are competent in both chemical and mechanical engineering, crafting their skills from day to day hands-on observation and application.


Fuel Doctors Africa is owned by Kapp Group (pty) ltd, a South African company. Furthermore, forged with Fuel Doctors Australia, they are official suppliers of this all-in-one system cleaning solution to the continent. Africa and most of South Africa still runs on dirty diesel (50ppm).

Fuel Doctors Africa is well-positioned to provide first-class, personalized, pre-, and post-sales customer service. Also, offering optimal pricing for clients staying in this continent.




Fuel Doctor conditioner

Fuel Doctors Fuel Conditioner is specifically formulated for Diesel, Petrol, and Two-stroke fuel systems. Not only for cleaning gums, varnish, carbon deposits, disburse moisture, but also to kill and disburse microbial material whilst increasing lubricity. Fuel Doctor breaks fuel contaminants into sub-micron particles allowing them to pass safely and harmlessly through the fuel system to combustion, with no detrimental effects to fuel pumps, injectors catalytic converters, or particulate filters.

The benefits of using Fuel Doctor’s formulation are the increase of thermal efficiency, leading to a nominal increase in power, economy plus a decrease in unburnt fuel. Fuel Doctor will also stabilize and extend fuel storage life for up to twenty-four months for petrol and five years for diesel.

The cleaning of Inaccessible fuel tanks in emergency generators, boats, earthmoving equipment, and agricultural machinery over the past twenty-four years has kept us abreast of the ever-changing fuel quality, whilst providing the hands-on research and development necessary to ensure Fuel Doctor Fuel Conditioner meets the needs of all fuel consumers.



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