Effisio Business ConsultingEffisio Business Consulting, with Susan van Staden as your personal Business Coach & Mentor. Taking every step along with you as a business owner to connect/reconnect with new/changed businesses.


You might have read all the business builder books, attended as many webinars as you could. While you gained an understanding of what needs to be done, your business is just not getting there.


Would you like to gain practical knowledge, learn skills, and understand why it has not worked till now, even though you went through all the steps?


Susan has a passion for self-development, and want to help as many Entrepreneurs as possible. She has over 25 years of work experience & skills and would use that experience together with coaching to work through the problems one by one.



VISION, GROW, and IMPROVE your business. 

This is also an opportunity for New and Existing Businesses to be helped from the start with business practices, business planning, and mentorship.



To help and take hands with the business owner from the moment the decision is made, guiding and helping step-by-step in these challenging times.



Within your business, setting goals and making dreams a reality, is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself.


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