dōTERRA Wellness Advocate – Natasha Giles

dōTERRA – “Gift of the Earth” – founded in 2008 is the World’s leading Essential Oils Company.

Essential Oils are volatile aromatic compounds found in plants. In addition to their many benefits to the plant itself and their beautiful fragrance, essential oils have long been used in food preparation, beauty treatment, and health-care practices.

To ensure Potency, Purity, and Quality of their Essential Oils, dōTERRA works with a global botanical network. In particular including growers from over 40 countries. Thus ensuring plants are grown in their native environment. Only using the best seed, soil, equipment, and growing conditions for oil production.

With their commitment and mission to provide only the highest quality and purest essential oils, each batch of dōTERRA essential oil undergoes rigorous quality testing. Partnering with academic, industry, and scientific experts have allowed dōTERRA to create an innovative testing process that exceeds the standards of other essential oil companies. This commitment led to the creation of a new standard of therapeutic quality: CPTG (Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade®)


 For an essential oil to be CPTG (Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade®) the oil must be:

  • Pure and natural
  • Free from fillers or artificial ingredients
  • Free of contaminants, pesticides, or chemical residues

Furthermore, to qualify for the CPTG standard, the oils undergo a cross-testing in the dōTERRA laboratory. Leading essential oil chemists and specialists as well as trusted independent third party labs, use mass spectrometry and gas chromatography testing methods to ensure exact purity and composition potency.  In addition to rigorous testing standards, dōTERRA uses the knowledge and expertise of a scientific advisory board comprised of experts in chemistry, microbiology, botany, research science, physiology, and nutritional science.


The sharing of essential oils is a unique experience and requires a unique sales model. Therefore dōTERRA utilizes a direct selling model. Allowing business owners to work with customers as opposed to mass marketing. As a result, over 9 million Wellness Advocates, now use and sell dōTERRA products around the world. Benefitting financially and growing in independence.


Natasha Giles a Wellness Advocate from Mossel Bay joined dōTERRA in May 2015. Introduced to this wonderful experience through a friend from Canada. Having gone through some personal health issues, she experienced the benefits of using the oils personally. Natasha is now able to encourage and teach others to use natural products when it comes to their health.

“As a wife, a mom, and a granny, I want the best for my loved ones and I’m sure you do too.”

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