The story of “Die Voortrekkers” is of volunteers who spend their free time writing books for the youth, manuals, and other literature. Through hard work and innovative thinking, buildings, team rooms, and campsites have evolved into incredible facilities.

It is a story of rolling up sleeves and hard work, historical festivals, building monuments, and preserving our heritage. Also a story of engagement, care, and service in local communities.

The Voortrekker story tells a story of plans, fresh thinking, adaptability, and high-performance output. It is a story of love for Afrikaans, Afrikaner culture, Afrikaner children, but above all, love for the Lord.
It is also a story of fun, camaraderie, and adventure.
It’s no wonder that “Die Voortrekkers” have grown over the decades into a vibrant cultural organization.


True to the original founding ideals of NJ van der Merwe, Vader Visser and Japie Heese, “Die Voortrekkers” is still a future-oriented youth organization that:
  • Shape Afrikaner children’s character by Biblical Christian values.
  • Offer Afrikaner children the opportunity to enjoy their culture in nature through adventure.
  • As Christians, Afrikaners not only live out their values in their personal lives but also help shape community values through service and participation.
  • Help Afrikaner children develop life skills. Thus making a meaningful and positive contribution to the country and the continent as outstanding and serviceable leaders.
  • Provide Afrikaner children a home where they can fully live and enjoy their history, language, culture, and traditions.


These goals are an ongoing reflection of the essence, values, and strategic goals of “Die Voortrekkers” to develop young Afrikaners as outstanding leaders.

This is a story that is still being written today. You are now part of the story. This is also your story. Through your participation, you are writing the next chapter of this story.


Visit our website and Facebook where you will get the latest updates on upcoming events and camps.


You can also contact us:

For more information      – Henriette
To join                             – Annemarie
To rent the hall or tents   – Martie 061 519 9652

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