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There are 3 very important things in life: Friends, Coffee, and Chocolate. When you combine the three, laughs are sure to follow. No one person is the same. Therefore, their liking for chocolates and coffee differ as well. With this in mind, Linda Becker started Coffee & Laughs. Starting off with Chocolate bombs to warm up the cold winters, to making chocolate gifts for all special occasions.

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Coffee & Laughs Product Range:

You have a variety of different flavors to choose from in each of the following ranges. All packed in a 1kg packet. Giving you between 40 – 50 servings per packet (All depends on the size of your scoop).

Contact Linda for all the available flavors.


Coffee or Tea?Lunch Bar Hot Chocolate

  • Hot Chocolate
  • Sugar-Free Hot Chocolate
  • Cappuccino (Coffee Based)
  • Sugar-Free Cappuccino (Coffee Based)
  • Red Cappuccino (Tea Based)
  • Latte & Steamers (Non-Coffee/Tea Based)
  • Latte (Coffee Based)
  • Red Latte (Tea Based)
  • Iced Coffee (Instant)



A Freezo is a milkshake-like drink, or some would say Smoothie. Just mix your favorite flavor with cold milk or water, add some crushed ice and fruits and enjoy this perfect drink.



Set the child in yourself free, choose one of 14 different flavors of milkshakes, or pick them all. Just add your powder to some milk and Ice Cream. Mix in a blender and decorate with sprinkles, sit back and enjoy.



Hot Chocolate Bombs

A Chocolate ball filled with hot chocolate powder and marshmallows. All you do is place the ball in your mug and pour your hot milk over. As the chocolate melts, you enjoy the exploration as the hot chocolate powder emerges to mix with your milk. Not to forget the marshmallows.





Muffins Range

Are you having unexpected guests or forgot to buy something for lunch? Not too worried if you have some delicious moist muffins in the deep freezer. Just warm it up in the Microwave for 30 – 40 seconds and serve freshly baked muffins.
You can also take it out of the deep freezer and let it thaw for one and half hours.

Available flavors are Chocolate Chip, Choc Chip Caramel, and Carrot Cake Muffins.



Give a Gift of Coffee & Laughs


Don’t just give someone a bar of chocolate as a gift. Make it special with Coffee & Laughs Chocolates Hearts. Also, a variety to choose from.

  • Small Chocolate Hearts with Brownie filling
  • Big Chocolate Heart. Hollow on the inside so you can fill it up with all the other goodies you want to give.






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