BANObrite offers high-quality Biological and Enzyme products. With a full range of products, each developed for a specific application.  Providing 100% Environmentally Friendly products, since 2015.

Buy your products either in a ready-to-use or concentrated format. The concentrated format will save you money as a little goes a long way. You just use your spray bottle and fill the required amount with water.
Because it is biological it never stops working, thus with the continued use of BANObrite, the daily usage becomes less as you continue with the application.

No need to stress about what product to use where and how. BANObrite offers a full on-site evaluation and professional advice on which products will suit you as a client best. Furthermore, you will also receive full and ongoing training for the correct use of the products.

Have a look at the product range, Book an appointment or order your products today.


BANObrite Product Range

General Cleaning:
  • BIOclean – The All-Purpose Cleaner. It is safe to use in all environments and suitable for septic tanks.
  • ENZYclean – Multi-Purpose Kitchen cleaner and degreaser. Enzyme-based detergent for the food and hospitality industry. Safe on food contact surfaces and the environment, also time-saving deep clean.
  • HANDsoap – induced with BIOclean, it sanitizes your hands and forms a healthy and protective microflora on the hands, keeping them germ-free for longer than your normal hand sanitizer.
  • DISHwash – Grease Cutting Power. Keeps crockery and cutlery in perfect condition for those grease braai’s, super-concentrated, thus a little goes a long way. Works fantastic with lukewarm or even cold water.
  • POOLassist – All in one Pool Solutions. A complex saturated ionic solution – complete control on green and black algae, as well as bacteria. Can also be used in garden ponds to keep algae under control
  • MICROfiber clothes – According to a study, microfiber cleaning cloths dampened with water can disinfect better than most conventional cleaning techniques.
  • GUNGEaway – Citrus and Water Based Solvent. Use for built-up dirt and grime. Additionally great for cleaning the braai grid, oil and grease off bicycles and equipment, oil and grease marks on vehicles, remove glue residue from labels and stickers. Furthermore, it works brilliantly on windows and surface rust.
  • GREASEtrap – Use to get rid of that greasy residue on stoves, in ovens, deep-fryers and all the other greasy, oil items not mentioned. Also used to cleans drains and reduces the production of odors.


  • LAUNDRYspot – Professional, Industrial, and Domestic Laundry. This is a Multi-Bio and Multi-Enzyme formulation containing six very specific enzymes from a world-leading specialist in enzyme production.
  • LAUNDRYpowder – For Front and Top Loaders. Highly concentrated laundry detergent that is safe on all fabrics. Additionally, this cleans your machine while you wash your clothes. You only need 30g for a 6kg load washing.


  • GOLDsurface – Unlike most sanitizers, this is 85% Alcohol-based. It is specifically designed for the sterilization of hard surfaces, high traffic areas, utensils, equipment, laptops, cutlery, and serving areas. It can last up to 14 days on surfaces.
  • GOLDgel – This is also 85% Alcohol-based. Not only does it have an outstanding protection action on the skin. It also helps the prevention of cross-contamination. Unlike a regular sanitizer, the residual effect is from 3 to 6 hours after application.
  • TANKclean Water purifier – Water tank additive that can be dosed directly into water tanks. Cleanses river- and rainwater to provide clean water for drinking, cooking, and cleaning.
  • ACTIorganic Plain or Fragranced – Use in Septic Tanks and Pit Toilets. Keep a well-maintained Septic Tank, assisting in less maintenance and free French Drain Run-off.
  • RIMbrite – Providing exceptional performance in keeping toilets odorless and trouble-free. Penetrating cracks, crevices, and pores of surfaces where organics accumulate, actually removing the organics to leave a visually cleaner surface.
  • URIdome – Safe to use in all environments and suitable for any Urinal
  • BLUloo – Portable Toilet Solution. Safe to use in all septic and water sewage systems.
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