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Dr. Melody de Jager, founded BabyGym in 2005 as a research and training institute with a stimulation program for babies, from pre-birth to 3 years. BabyGym has grown to a national business with more than 50 knowledgeable and skilled Advanced Instructors across SA and Namibia.

Brain development occurs when you gradually and gently wake up all of the baby’s senses and muscles in a specific sequence. No matter how clever the brain is, it needs wide-awake senses and strong muscles to prompt the brain into action. Thus exceptionally effective, when used alongside other therapies.


“BabyGym is not just a stimulation class, BabyGym is a lifestyle!”



Sianne Roux is our local instructor based in the Garden Route. Originally from Johannesburg, where she finished her degree in Biokinetics. As a mom with a bilateral clubbed foot baby, Sianne can give a personal testimonial of the benefits of BabyGym. Together with her passionate desire to work with babies, she found her purpose.

BabyGym not only offers an amazing support structure but also provides practical tools to create a firm foundation for your baby’s future. Additionally, focuses on the priority to develop a beautiful bond between you and your baby.


 The BabyGym program to include:


  • Classes for expectant couples
  • Classes for mothers, fathers, and babies
  • Milestone specific classes
  • Nanny training
  • Specialized sessions for babies with special needs





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BabyGym 1: For Expectant Couples pregnancy, birth, and the first 4 months

BabyGym 2: Firm Foundations6 weeks and older

BabyGym 3: Advanced Sessions – for baby milestones

‘Friends of BabyGym’ Trainingcaregiver classes

In addition to various handy books written by Dr. Melodie de Jager, of which all are available on our website.



“A caring adult + play = the best brain food for 0 – 3 year olds.”


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