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AfriForum is a non-profit civil rights organization, since 26 March 2006. The organization is created to call on Afrikaners to participate in public debate and actions outside of the sphere of party politics. Furthermore, AfriForum is not an ordinary organization, but a tool for us and our descendants to create a better future by executing AfriForum’s three-pronged success recipe for hope.



“Calling” is AfriForums secret weapon. As Afrikaners, we can continue to live a meaningful life in peaceful co-existence with other communities and permanently free, safe, and prosperous at the Southern tip of Africa.


Executive Ability – #AFRIFORUMKAN

AfriForum takes pride that all members working together to continuously improve the executive ability in all Solidarity Movements. Whether it is doing simple tasks or recruiting new members or actively expanding and strengthening all structures.


Fight and Build Plan – #AFRIFORUMVEGENBOU

AfriForum works to ensure that the basic requirements for the existence of Afrikaners are met. Thus, working on international, national, and local levels to manage the impact of the current political realities that face Afrikaners. Simultaneously establishing sustainable structures through which Afrikaners can ensure their future independently. Thus, the fight and build plan is AfriForum’s way to fight for equal justice and against deterioration. While simultaneously working on alternative realities on the ground level.



AfriForum’s Five Core Focus Points:



Focused on establishing a safe society in which AfriForum’s members, supporters, and other citizens not only feel safe but also are safe.


Cultural identity

Focusing on the protection and growth of the Afrikaner identity, culture, history, and the Afrikaans language. Therefore, Afrikaners continue to permanently exist as a community whilst protecting their identity.


Organization building

AfriForum, which is simply a tool in the achievement of a bigger objective, needs to be as strong as possible to reach all the set goals, for this reason, it is important to grow in strength.



AfriForum’s actions should contribute to establishing self-dependence and growing self-governance under Afrikaners and also the communities in which they live and work.



AfriForum’s goal is to let justice prevail on various levels. This struggle for justice reaches wider than Afrikaner interests and also includes justice in society as a whole. This struggle for justice reaches wider than Afrikaner interests and also includes justice in society as a whole.



AfriForum’s Services:




Community Affairs focuses not only on issues that have a direct impact on the community’s health and safety but including issues on a municipal level. This is done through a network of AfriForum’s branches across South Africa – by people, for people. AfriForum branches allow you to become involved in the organisation and also make a difference in your community.


The main objective of an AfriForum branch is to organise communities, as well as to conduct projects and actions in the following focus areas:


  • Community projects
  • Community safety
  • Local government affairs
  • Environmental affairs
  • Youth
  • Health
  • Culture and tourism


AfriForum branches are financed by AfriForum members that specifically make donations to their local branch. Businesses are also welcome to finance our branch projects by means of monthly donations in order to create a better and healthier business environment in the relevant town. Section 18A certificates are available on request.


The core philosophy of AfriForum’s structures involves not waiting for the state to solve the problems experienced by communities, but rather to make a real difference by conducting do-it-yourself projects. By joining forces, communities can create a free, safe and prosperous future together.

Do-it-yourself is better than doing nothing; become involved at your local AfriForum branch today!


Our Address:

Mossel Bay


-34.155063493148, 22.098040732385



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