The New Moon Energy relates to the end of bad things in your life. The quiet and calming movements allow you to draw your attention inward. Self-discovery of what you want and what you desire. This is a downward and outward flow of energy.

Use the time of the New Moon Immersion to set goals you want to achieve on a personal level as well as in you business.

You can now learn how to work with the cycles of the moon. Knowing what is happening and how you can regulate your emotions and behavior through:


  • Journaling,
  • Yoga, and
  • Meditation


This New Moon Immersion Yoga Session is Free, but you are welcome to leave an offering to help cover charges for the venues. If you only want to try it out you are welcome to join in. There will be Yoga mats to hire, so no need to buy one immediately. Please book in advance.

For more information please contact Sanya on 064 900 7326

Location: Scout Hall, 39 Schoeman Street, Mossel Bay