Information and Price List

Take your Business Digital with The Business Finder

By being part of The Business Finder is more than just having a listing on a website. It is rather opening your doors to not only the digital marketing world but also a network of business people wanting to connect with each other.

We offer various packages to suit our clients’ marketing budgets and to ensure maximum exposure. Whether it is through our Weekly Collaboration meetings or through our online footprint.

By purchasing a listing package from The Business Finder, you will receive a one-pager listing on our website. In other words a mini website within our website. This will help to improve your digital traffic, especially when we combine it with an Adwords Campaign – AKA: Advertising space on Google.

What is Google Ads/ Adwords?

Ever search for something on Google and notice an “Ad” in front of the link you can click on? This is normally the first 3 to 4 results of your search.
Or, you are watching a video, and an advertisement shows up in the middle of it? Or, you are on a website and all of a sudden an ad shows up of a product you were looking at? That feeling like Google knows everything ….

Well, this is Google Adwords. It is an advertising platform that allows business owners to ‘pay and display’ their business on a variety of platforms.

Google My Business

Google My Business is a free tool that allows you to promote your business profile and business website on Google Search and maps. With your Google My Business account, you can see and connect with your customers, post updates to your Business Profile and see how customers are interacting with your business on Google.

The Business Finder Packages

  • netWORK – Connecting you with other business people on a weekly basis through the collaboration meeting we host in Mossel Bay, George, and starting soon in Sedgefield.

The following packages all include the netWORK package:

  • Basic Package – One-page listing containing your business logo, business description, contact information, address, business hours, and we link out to all your Social Media Platforms.
  • Premium Package – One-page listing containing your business logo, business description, contact information, address, business hours, and we link out to all your Social Media Platforms. Additionally, you can upload a Gallery and 1x Video of your business.
    This package will benefit a business that has monthly specials and events. These are all extra listings connected to your main listing.
  • Google Package – This package includes a Premium Package, The setup of a Google Campaign as well as a Google Brand Campaign.
    We only use your company’s name as a keyword in the Brand Campaign. To load additional keywords you can select any of the Adclicks packages available on the pricelist.
  • New Business Booster Package – We understand that you, as a business owner, have more important things to worry about than building a website. Rest assured, we have you covered. With this package you get the following:
    • A 5 pages website with a contact form.
    • Monthly SEO updates for the 12-month duration of the contract.
    • Setup of your business’s Facebook account as well as Instagram account. If you have that already in place then we will design 3 advertisements for each platform as well as fix all the errors in setting it up. (Instagram can be exchanged to LinkedIn).
    • The setup of your Google Analytics as well as your Google My Business.
  • Social Media Marketing – All Social Media platforms have their own algorithm. As specialists in the field, we keep up to date with all the latest developments. Thus, understanding the rules regarding the graphic design of advertisements, the keyword research needed, as well as the correct copywriting. Thus with this package, you will receive:
    • 2 x graphic designed advertisements
    • The keyword research and copywriting for your ad.

      The posting of your complete ads to your page. We will then share the ads to relevant pages in your designated areas.

You are welcome to then Boost the ad. By Boosting it you ensure that more people see your ad and not just hope for the best.